Week 7 First Impression Post

Option 2:

With my schedule this semester I believe on average I get maybe 6 hours of good sleep where I’m not waking up or tossing and turning. I know when time comes for bed I am certainly ready and welcome being able to sleep but some nights I don’t always sleep the best. I don’t exactly have any real sleeping habits other than setting my alarm before I go to sleep if that is even is considered as a sleeping habit. I don’t have a set time to go to bed but for the most part I get up at the same time everyday with the exception of the weekends. I don’t believe this is a terrible unhealthy sleeping habit other than having less time for sleep on the nights that I am up later.

I feel as though it is best for a college student to have on average 8-9 hours of sleep each night for their brains to have enough time and rest from the day and process all the information that the student took in. To improve sleeping habits one might set a time to wake up and go to sleep. Also drinking a cup of water before going to bed may help as well. I have also heard/read that sleeping naked also helps with sleep since it makes it easier for the body to control it’s body temperature. Other than these few ideas I am unsure of the best ways to help improve sleeping or creating sleeping habits that will help in the long run.


One thought on “Week 7 First Impression Post

  1. Casey, it seems to me like you might need more sleep, but I like how you mentioned that you get up around the time each morning, except for weekends. It’s very important to give your body a schedule so it can better adapt and function. Your tips and tricks for better sleep sound very interesting. I have heard of the glass of water one, but sleeping naked it new to me. I’d be very interested to see how these different methods worked. You’re reasoning behind them seemed solid, so I’d love to see a sleep study on this done!


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