Week 8 First Impression Post

On the emotion test I had scored only a 10/20, and was rather displeased with this. Reason being is because usually when it comes to people around me I can figure out or get close to how a person feels. I certainly did not think I would miss as many as I did. But then I thought about the people around me, how long I have known them and how close I am to them. Figured this has some effect on how good I am at figuring out a person’s expression. In doing so since I have known a person longer or am closer to a person the better I am at telling their expression rather than just looking at a picture of someone I have never even met. This makes sense to me because when it comes to friends, family members anyone close to you, you want to make sure they are happy so you tend to pick up these signals/expressions that indicate they are not happy or they are hurting or whatever negative emotion you can think of. So looking back to the test it is clear why some expressions were confusing, for instance when love was shown, the other choices that were listed with it were compassion, flirtatiousness and comfortable. Now to me these choices are all some what similar in that when a person is in love they show compassion to their partner, they flirt with their partner and they are comfortable around/with their partner. So to me the answer wasn’t too clear when I thought about all of these things together. So in conclusion a person may not be as good as reading expressions of others that aren’t close to them rather than those who are.


One thought on “Week 8 First Impression Post

  1. You bring up a great point that I hadn’t even thought of yet. It’s hard to tell the validity of this test as a whole then the images shown to us are of strangers, but I would like to mention that facial expressions are pretty consistent culturally. Assuming that this is a US based test, the features of each face should remain pretty in line with the features that your loved ones show when experiencing similar emotions. You are completely right, however, in stating that some of the options overlapped with the correct answer. Those in love feel many different emotions towards their loved ones, not to mention that there are varying degrees of love for many different relationships. Compassion, flirtation, and comfort may all be shown in the one emotion of “love.”


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