First Impression Post 12

Option 1

Out of curiosity for both tests I decided to take the self-esteem test and the alcohol test, and one or two others just to see what the results would be. At first when I saw the titles of the 7 different tests I was somewhat confused in thinking that these tests were going to be more generalized and not so specific. For example I had never really sat down and  thought about whether or not mental illnesses were dangerous or if I favored medication over talk therapy. I suppose this is because I never had to deal with either in my life. So at first selecting a test to complete put the thought in my head of completing option 2 since none of the titles really applied to me. But I completed the alcohol test “Do you implicitly think alcohol is irresistible.” Frankly I don’t remember exactly the result word for word but I do know it basically said I believe it can be resistible. In going through the test though I thought the way that it was done was strange. All it had me do was press ‘i’ key or ‘e’ key depending if I remembered if the word that flashed on the screen was in the group of words that they had shown before the test started. To me it felt more like a memory test than a test to see if I thought alcohol was irresistible. After the flashing words it asked several other questions of what I thought of alcohol which is when I got the feeling that the test had actually started, but then there were at most only 5 questions that it had asked me so it didn’t seem like a very reliable result that was given. This made me skeptical to take another test, inevitably though I took the self-esteem one and to my surprise the result I had gotten was not what I was expecting. And although it was a different topic as well the test had the same process as the alcohol test, gave you a group of words to memorize then flashed words and asked if it was in the group, afterwards asked 5 questions and gave my result. So all in all I feel as though the tests are somewhat misleading or don’t give an accurate result on what is outside my conscious awareness and therefore not real useful for college students.


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