Johari Window

When reading the assignment description about the Johari Window and what it looks like and as well as reading it on the website I was intrigued and terrified at the same time. I was going to slightly see into the minds of my friends and see what they think of me. I was intrigued to find out what they thought of me and if it was good or if they thought of me as quite the swell guy, and terrified to find out what they thought of me at the same time. For all I know I view myself as the exact opposite as what others see me. And once I had completed the window I found this to be somewhat true. When I had completed my part I had selected the words adaptable, mature, observant, friendly, independent and introverted. Now these are just words I feel I am most of the time, not every situation am I mature or observant or adaptable, I’m only human. Immediately after filled myself out I got my roommate to complete it, now part of me wanted to wait and get all ten of my friends to complete it before I looked at the results but curiosity had gotten the best of me and I looked at what he put and to my surprise…we didn’t have a single word that was the same…I was sure he would have thought I was at least independent. Instead he had put logical, caring, modest, giving, knowledgeable and helpful. So after seeing his answers I was even more curious what others thought of me. After asking others to complete the window I was even more surprised how many words were in the blind spot category. In the end there were only 3 words that both I and several other of my friends have agreed on, independent, friendly and introverted. I think using the Johari Window to see what your friends and even colleagues is a good way to see what others think of you, it can show you aspects of yourself that you may not realize and it may also show you aspects of yourself that you might want to change. For example for a little while now I have been trying to become less and less introverted and try to be more social in general. Overall I have learned that I am not the person I really see myself as compared to what others see.

Link to my Johari Window:

(Names aren’t used in case my friends didn’t want their named used)


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